Submitted by Donna Clemison, CrossRoad Archery Team Lead

As the youth Archery Ministry comes to an end for 2016 at CrossRoad Christian Fellowship in Pagosa Springs, I am once again amazed of God’s goodness, grace and provision for this ministry. We are so grateful for the $2,000 grant that was provided by Colorado Baptists. The funds allowed us to buy 5 new bows, arrows, a safety net, names tags, as well as hot dogs and buns for each event.

We served over 50 kids this year with most months having 30 or more. Our volunteer staff also increased, incorporating at least four different churches in the community in addition to the local Young Life organization.

News and support of this ministry has also expanded beyond the community:

  • While searching for bows for sale on the internet one of our volunteers responded to an ad for a left handed (used) youth bow that was being donated to a worthy cause. His submitted request was not picked for the donation but a month later he was contacted by the bow builder who was so moved by our ministry’s outreach that he sent us a new left handed bow free of charge.
  • One Sunday a family from Denmark was passing by and saw the target being set up and asked what was going on. We invited them to eat with us and encouraged their girls to stay for the lesson. They remarked how they enjoyed the teaching message and felt so accepted. They asked for the church’s business card and indicated that they would like to come back next year. Before they left they donated a target to the ministry.

Strides were made in personal relationships and growth as in the boy who won the drawing for the custom built long bow inscribed with “Iron sharpens iron, as one friend sharpens another” Prov 27:17. His father came to us to say how he and his son had been discussing that very scripture the day before. He saw God’s hand in this. Also another boy (invited by a friend) has become a regular church attendee.

Curious to know if the Archery Talking Points (biblical life lessons using bows and arrows to demonstrate) were making an impact in the kid’s lives. We asked them on the last shoot what they remembered about the lessons throughout the summer. To our pleasure many of them were able to repeat the main points from each lesson.


  • TIP/POINT-Testimony that Penetrates the Heart

  •  SHAFT-Upright Walk with God

  • VANES/FEATHER-Faith that Holds the Arrow True

  • NOCK END-Hope that Guides US

  • SPLINE-Keeps Us from Going Off Course to the Left or Right

To see more about CrossRoad’s Archery Ministry check them out on Facebook. If you would like information about Colorado Baptists Evangelism grants for your ministry CONTACT US.