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  • John Wayne: Theologian

    John Wayne: Theologian

    By: Al Barrera Monte Vista, CO-John Wayne continues to stand out as one of the most popular male actors in cinematic history. His towering presence filled the screen, exuding a type of masculinity that caused adoration and respect by generations of film goers. Little did people know that John Wayne also served, unbeknownst to him,Read more →

  • For Such a Time as This

    For Such a Time as This

    By Drew Van Gorder If you’re a fan of shooting, then you can remember the first time you ever fired a weapon.  When you pulled back on the trigger, you didn’t squeeze it like you were supposed to; you jerked the trigger back as quickly as possible because you were afraid.  Not only that, youRead more →

  • Four Essentials in Church Revitalization

    Four Essentials in Church Revitalization

    By Mark Hallock The past four and a half years have been a wild, unpredictable, surprising, joy-filled journey of revitalization for our congregation. By God’s grace, we have seen this old church go from nearly shutting it’s doors, to becoming a vibrant, Gospel-saturated, growing congregation.  God is using this church to reach the lost, makeRead more →

  • How the Mighty Have Fallen

    By Chad Mondragon Sola Church Centennial – When we quote David’s lament from 2Samuel 1, “How the mighty have fallen!” (2Sam 1:19, 25, 27), our minds immediately go to the leadership demise of Saul.  But could we consider these words in relation to the dreams and goals of the nation of Israel.  In the conclusionRead more →

  • Mountain Top

    Mountain Top

    By Jim Misloski I am preparing to take a Jewish friend to the top of a Colorado fourteener in a few weeks. This will be his first. We’ve been corresponding about how he should prepare for our adventure. We’ve been talking about getting in shape for the ascent and what kind of clothing to bring.Read more →