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  • Stories From Around Colorado

    Do you have a story of how God is moving in your church or in your community? Submit stories to our communications staff for review. Don’t have time to write the story? No problem. Contact our staff with the story details and we’ll write the story for you!

  • 19,000 crosses and CP extend Colorado church’s ministry reach

    19,000 crosses and CP extend Colorado church’s ministry reach

    BAYFIELD, Colo. (BP) — An exhibit of 19,000 white 12-inch crosses rotates among various locations in Bayfield, Colo. The crosses are an outreach of First Baptist Church.The Crosses Project, seen only in the town of about 2,500 people, vividly illustrates the 19,000 children worldwide who die each day from hunger and poverty. The Cooperative Program

  • A Call for Immigration Reform Informed by the Bible

    By Jim Walters Originally published in the Christian Post on February 15, 2014. With just a few clicks on an ancestry website, I recently traced my own U.S. immigration story to 1650 — just thirty years after the Mayflower’s landing– when my nine-times great grandfather, John Whitlow, stepped off a boat into what would later

  • A Call To Prayer

    A Call To Prayer

    By Karen Peck Back by popular demand, this weekend, is the Summit Winter Camp.  We will have about 120 students, sponsors and staff.  Tom Coffan from East Boulder Baptist Church will be our guest speaker. This is what he had to say about this weekend, “I am looking forward to the fun of this weekend

  • A Calling Sharpened by Seminary

    By Kevin Hasenack I never thought I would go to Seminary. In fact, I never thought I’d pick up another book after graduation from my undergraduate degree. I was content and comfortable with where I was in life, and felt no need to go any further in my education. My wife and I planned to

  • A New Work in a New Community

    by Amber Cassady Huddling around a campfire with neighbors, sipping on hot chocolate and passing out candy to eager trick-or-treaters on October 31, 2013 seemed like a happy Halloween night with old friends. But for Kelly and Brandi Parrish and their four children, it was their sixth day living in the budding town of Timnath,

  • Annual Church Profile (ACP)

    Who does it? Every Southern Baptist Church & Church Plant What is it? ACP stands for Annual Church Profile. This survey collects important statistics for your church for the previous 1 year period – July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014. Why do it? It provides easily accessible historical information for your church It provides a record