Prayer is listed as one of the ten values of Colorado Baptists.  In reality, God expects prayer to be intertwined into and to undergird all that we do as His people. Your prayer team exists to help maintain prayer as a priority in the Convention as well as to train, resource, network, and mobilize people for prayer.  We believe prayer is a necessary ingredient for revival to come, for churches and church plants to develop into transformational agents, and comprehensive gospel saturation to take place.

We’re here to assist you to develop prayer strategy for gospel saturation and connect you to prayer initiatives for greater causes throughout the SBC and evangelical kingdom partners.  We stand ready to assist you to establish prayer as the culture of your ministry and see Colorado changed for His glory!

Are you wondering how to grow or even start a Prayer Ministry at your church or Bible Study? We have an assortment of effective resources you and your team can begin using today! Be sure to check out our resources page for any curriculum, studies or books to learn more about how to develop a healthy and meaningful prayer life in your ministry. Also, if you are looking for something more specific or unique please contact Rhonda Nanney for additional assistance. We have helped numerous churches enhance their Sunday School classes and more just through the power of prayer!

Interactive Prayer Room
May Complement Church Prayer Strategy

By Claudean Boatman

Prayer is one of Colorado Baptists’ core values, and it is what undergirds all successful spiritual undertakings. The CBGC has developed an interactive tool to help churches host unique prayer experiences that enhance their emphasis on prayer.

The Harvest prayer room guides participants through three areas of prayer: praising God, confessing sin, and interceding for people who need to know Jesus. A banner for each station sets the stage for experiencing prayer.

The traveling room includes everything a church needs to set up a prayer space: journals, music, laminated table readings, art activities, and ways to pray for new believers. Participants enter the room in small groups but pray alone and at their own pace. Typically, a person could spend between 45 minutes and an hour in the prayer room.

Those using the prayer room are invited to journal prayers, respond to table readings, use art, and complete other tasks designed to lead them into a more intimate relationship with God. The last area, intercession, has prayer requests for people groups who reside in Colorado. Host churches can personalize the intercession time to pray for specific ministries or people groups with whom they are trying to witness.

Colorado Baptists’ interactive prayer room was developed after the IMB offered the School of Prayer for All Nations (SPAN) training in Colorado in January 2016. Graduates of SPAN were taken through a prayer room and given ideas to create one.

Churches are encouraged to use the prayer room as part of a long-term emphasis on prayer instead of an event-based experience.

The interactive prayer room can be reserved for use by any CBGC church.