The Prayer and Evangelism Team assists churches to fulfill the Great Commission through prayer mobilization, intercession, strategy, training and consulation.  The evangelism aspect of their ministry includes some level of support and training in ministries referred to as Love Loud ministries such as: Literacy Missions, Hunger Ministry, Disaster Relief, and others.  Additonal ministry support is added by evangelism training, consulting, resourcing, collaborating initiatives, and partnering with church and church planting evangelism efforts.  Other ministries include: helping churches to work through conflict, providing financial assistance or counseling referral to ministers in need or crisis.  Local churches and church plants can seek financial, training, or consulting assistance in the areas of prayer and evangelism.  Financial assistance is available by applying for either an Existing Church Evangelism Grant or, a Church Planting Evangelism Grant.

Churches can reserve tools to help with evangelism such as the 316 Car ( mockup of a Nascar Race Car) used as a conversation starter toward evangelism) or a Block Party Trailer (a self contained party trailer equipped with Concession capabilities, fun, and games).

Churches can apply for Hunger Grants that assist them in meeting the needs of hungry people with the intent to share Jesus and make disciples.   Certain conditions apply for receiving such a grant.

Literacy Mission consultants are available to help your church reach the lost through English as a Second Language (ESL), Adult Reading and Writing, and/or Youth Tutoring.  Some initial fee is charged for training materials.

Colorado Baptist Disaster Relief is also a much needed ministry in our state and beyond.  Specialized training is offered periodically throughout the calendar year to meet needs in disaster through our Feeding Unit, Chainsaw and Recovery, Chaplaincy, Mud-Out/ Ash-out, and others.  Pay attention to the Disaster Relief information at the CBDR WEBSITE.  Deployments take place throughout the year, throughout Colorado, and across our nation with an occasional deployment overseas.

Feel free to contact the Prayer and Evangelism Team with your questions, training requests, and interest in involvement in any of these ministries at Rhonda Nanney or 303.771.2480 x237.

Latest News and Stories from the Prayer & Evangelism Team

  • Short Stories: How God uses Hunger Ministries

    Short Stories: How God uses Hunger Ministries

    No One But God By Ellen Barham, Submitted by Sherri Haynes, Open Bible Baptist Church Food Pantry, Colorado Springs I consider myself a Christian and believe in God. I’ve been praying for a friend of mine for a few months and haven’t felt like any help was forthcoming for his health issues. While at theRead more →

  • A Cup of Coffee in Jesus’ Name

    A Cup of Coffee in Jesus’ Name

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  • Perseverance in Love Outreach

    Perseverance in Love Outreach

    By Barb Coffan, East Boulder Baptist Church East Boulder Baptist Church, north of Denver, has had the privilege of mentoring a young man. He came to us from Myanmar (formerly called “Burma”.).  His family was brought here to Colorado by the U.S. government during a war there 10 years ago, and his mom is aRead more →

  • Prayer & Evangelism Team

    The Prayer and Evangelism Team assists Colorado Baptists to fulfill the Great Commission through resourcing, networking churches, supporting, training and consulting in evangelism and ministry while promoting a culture of prayerful dependence on God.
  • Matt. 28:19, “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you.” (HCSB)
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