It is our dream that every church in Western Colorado would have at least one Partnership Church able to walk along side and be a resource.  This would look different in every situation.  Many of our established churches and church plants could use several partnership churches.  Don’t think that just because you have a partner church that it is all you need.  If a church or church plant has a need of ten partnering churches then let us help you find those ten.  Strengthening our existing Western Colorado Churches with partners will move them toward one day being a primary partner church for a church plant or a church revitalization.

The Western Colorado Partnership Coalition is a partnership between the churches of the five Baptist Associations of Western Colorado, Colorado Baptists, the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, the North American Mission Board and other partners as God leads. This will be a broad collaborative base that will; discern need, mobilize partners and develop strategies toward the goal of seeing healthy new, multiplying and cooperating Southern Baptist churches planted. Each Association of Churches, while remaining autonomous, will work together for the mutual benefit of each other and for the advancement of our Lord’s Kingdom.



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