Colorado Baptists have a vision, empowered by the Holy Spirit, which sees the total saturation of the state with the Gospel.  It is the Executive Team’s responsibility to help assist, encourage, facilitate and resource the Colorado Baptist network of churches as they strive to achieve our vision.  In addition we provide oversight for the convention’s teams and work with the officers and convention Executive Board as they provide governance and accountability for the conventions staff and its work.  We also coordinate the conventions annual meeting, other statewide events and ministries such as Vacation Bible School, support for Ministry Assistants, etc.  We are responsible for official record keeping, data base maintenance, Annual Church Profile (ACP) and other administrative support.  Truly we look forward to the day when everyone residing in the state and passing through the state will have an opportunity hear the Gospel in such a way they can respond to it.

Latest News and Stories from the Executive Team

  • Colorado Baptists Value Prayer

    Colorado Baptists Core Values: Prayer by Mark Edlund, Executive Director This kind can come out only by prayer.  Mark 9:29 In a previous article I began a review of Colorado Baptists’ core values.  In that article we looked at Leadership Development.  With this article we’ll look at Prayer. Over the years this verse has come toRead more →

  • Stephen & Janice Hoekstra honored for service with HMB/NAMB 1981-2014

    Stephen & Janice Hoekstra honored for service with HMB/NAMB 1981-2014

    How do you show thanks and appreciation to people like Steve and Janice Hoekstra? The list of ways they have served God and the people living in and traveling through Colorado is endless. You may have met them at a mountaintop worship service.  Maybe you saw Steve as he came running and hollering into aRead more →

  • Colorado Baptists Day of Prayer & Fasting – May 3, 2015 Prayer Conference – May 4th

    by Mike Routt, Colorado Baptists Executive Board Member SBC President Ronnie Floyd has issued a call to Southern Baptists for repentance, extraordinary prayer, revival, and spiritual awakening.  At you can access “Pleading with Southern Baptists: To Humbly Come Together Before God in Clear Agreement, Visible Union, and in Extraordinary Prayer for The Next GreatRead more →

  • Executive Team

    Assisting, encouraging, facilitating and resourcing the Colorado Baptist network of churches as they strive to achieve the vision of saturating Colorado with the Gospel.
  • The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance. 2 Peter 3:9