The evangelism aspect of their ministry includes some level of support and training in ministries referred to as SEND RELIEF ministries such as: Literacy Missions, Hunger Ministry, Disaster Relief, and others. Additional ministry support is added by evangelism training, consulting, resourcing, collaborating initiatives, and partnering with church and church planting evangelism efforts.  Other ministries include: helping churches to work through conflict, providing financial assistance or counseling referral to ministers in need or crisis.  Local churches and church plants can seek financial, training, or consulting assistance in the areas of prayer and evangelism.

Any Sunday can be Global Hunger Fund Sunday
at Your Church

 Pick any Sunday to help promote and support Global Hunger Relief or plan now to add
next year’s date to your church’s calendar:

October 8, 2017

Below are some promotional items for churches and ministries to use to help promote their Sunday.
The posters, inserts and videos are free for downloads.

HUNGER RELIEF FUND SUNDAY    Global Hunger Relief Videos

The envelopes can be ordered through LifeWay.

LifeWay Envelope Link

Feed-back from Current Hunger Fund Ministries

Shuffle-In Biker Church (Denver)-Frenchie Fransua
The President of one of the biker clubs to whom we minister was seriously injured. We visited him and his family a few times and hosted a run to raise funds. We were one of the first people called for support and prayer. He and his wife are raising two young children and we will disciple them in the near future.

The River Center (New Castle)-Lee Price
The River Center has built relationships with a number of people in the RE-2 School District. These relationships are starting to bear fruit. We were able to start a weekly prayer meeting in one elementary and one high school this spring. Both of these prayer meetings have led to evangelistic encounters and people coming to Christ. This is very exciting and taken several years to develop the in roads.

Lynn Gardens (Pueblo)Lonnie Hartke
1) Praise for support from local Gideon’s coming and sharing with clients biweekly as well as church members.  New Testaments have been distributed and a few tracts.  Praying with client needs is done while here.  2) Follow-up with several of these men has been good and relationships are being formed from Beast Feast.

Open Bible Church (Colorado Springs)-Sherri Haynes
 By Debbie-Pantry Volunteer
”My grandchildren, who are 6, 11 and 13, all enjoy coming to help me volunteer during pantry days. Especially my 11 year old granddaughter who loves the opportunity to really help people (not just babysit her little brother). And my daughter likes that her children have a safe place to go and give back to the community and even rearranges their schedule to make sure they can be there.”

Open Door Ministries (Denver)-Ellen Barton
The Table (meal for the homeless) The start of summer means we have some extra hands to help at The Table. Most weeks we have middle school or high school students, who have come through our Urban Missions program, attend the ODF evening service, and then come downstairs to help with the meal.  This is often their first activity at Open Door before a full week of new experiences.  It is a joy to see their nervousness turn into confidence throughout the course of the night.

TRYAD (meal for the disabled) Recently, we hosted a cooking class as a part of weekly TRYAD meal. We had a great time together, learning how to prepare healthy foods and enjoying them. It was a great opportunity to talk about healthy food choices and that it’s not hard or expensive to cook delicious and healthy meals. This is especially important because many of our participants are lower income. We hope to continue these classes in the future as well.

Open Door Learning Center (preschool and school age childcare) In June, we were able to honor the Dad’s in our program by having a ‘Donuts with Dad’s’ celebration. 11 men, representing 19 students showed up!  Local donut shops donated and/or gave us a discount for this celebration. It was awesome seeing the Dads (or male-figures) in our kids’ lives come in and spend time in the classrooms.  What a blessing it was to be able to see the pride in our students faces as they showed the men in their lives their classroom and favorite things to do at school.

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