Church Enrichment, Prayer & Evangelism

 Assisting Pastors & Churches in Multiplication, Prayer and Health

The Church Enrichment team is here to provide help for established churches, church plants and church leadership. We can help churches in the areas of evangelism, prayer, leadership development, discipleship, outreach, and many other core priorities that can improve the strength of a church. We also have consultants that can help you with Literacy Missions, Hunger Ministry, Disaster Relief, and other important ministries. Below is a PDF that will share, in more detail, what the Church Enrichment Team, as well as the Colorado Baptist Staff, can do for churches and leaders.


Brad Cowger
Brad CowgerFront Range and Eastern Colorado Team Lead
Steve Hoekstra
Steve HoekstraWestern Colorado Team Lead
Rhonda Nanney
Rhonda NanneyFront Range and Eastern Colorado Ministry Assistant
Tammy Bachman
Tammy BachmanWestern Colorado Ministry Assistant


Dennis Belz
Dennis BelzColorado Disaster Relief Director

Disaster Relief Webpage

Claudean Boatman
Claudean BoatmanLiteracy Missions Colorado & National Coordinator

Literacy Webpage

LuAnn Turner
LuAnn TurnerMulti-Housing Ministries

Multi-Housing Webpage

Missy Kintzel
Missy KintzelWomen's Ministry
Larry & Jan LoserDisaster Relief Chaplaincy

Disaster Relief Webpage

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Any Sunday can be Global Hunger Fund Sunday
at Your Church

 Pick any Sunday to help promote and support Global Hunger Relief or plan now to add
this year’s date to your church’s calendar:

October 8, 2017

Below are some promotional items for churches and ministries to use to help promote their Sunday.
The posters, inserts and videos are free for downloads.


The envelopes can be ordered through LifeWay.

LifeWay Envelope Link

APPLY FOR GHR FUNDSThrough Colorado Baptists

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