Colorado Baptist Disaster Relief is Christian love in action.

It is meeting the urgent needs of hurting humanity in crisis situations with loving care and a timely response
as James 2:15-16 instructs us to do.

When giving online: Please use the dropdown list to select Disaster Relief.

If you would prefer we also accept checks payable to:
Colorado Baptist General Convention
7393 S. Alton Way
Centennial CO, 80112
Memo: Disaster Relief

By Dennis Belz, CO State Disaster Relief Director
The recovery effort from Hurricane Harvey will take several months or longer! The expense to get our CBDR teams of volunteers to this area is very expensive as we will be deploying several of our CBDR vehicles and trailers to assist in Bringing: Help, Hope and Healing to those along the coast of Texas and Louisiana. We are planning to have a continuous flow of teams to deploy for 2 week periods over the coming months.  As of today, we will begin deploying around September 5th.  We have to wait until the local officials give us the “GO” to respond. We also have to wait until the waters recede so we can get into the communities to assist them.

All that CBDR does is FREE to the home owners which include: Mass Feeding (over 1k meals per day, debris clean up, chainsaw, mud-out, shower/laundry and generators. Our volunteers are trained, background checked and credentialed.

Please consider partnering with us first with PRAYER and secondly with financial assistance. With your generous support, CBDR will be able to keep a strong presence on the ground in the Gulf Coast area.

Our Ministry:

The Colorado Baptist Disaster Relief ministries are comprised of approximately 450 volunteers from all over the state who

are committed to sharing the hope of Jesus with those whose lives have been impacted by disasters.

Our specialized areas of ministry include: chainsaw, flood recovery/mud out, ash out, food preparation, chaplaincy, shower unit, and communication unit.

We exist to serve others in the name of Jesus Christ in times of disaster.

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Colorado Baptists Receive

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CBDR Director Receives Award

Attention: Great news for all DR Volunteers!
Effective immediately we have a new lower fee structure.

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Future Trainings and Online Registration

Click on the Training of your choice for more details and registration.


June 22-23
Rosemont Baptist Church
1598 Niagara Road, Montrose

Registration 5:30PM
Involving So. Baptists in DR 6:15-9PM

Registration 7:45AM
Training Units 8:30-4PM
Lunch Provided

Training Units Offered:

Friday Only (required every 3 yrs.)
Involving So. Baptists in DR

All Day Unit Saturday
Chainsaw (with hands-on training)


Churches help us get the word out with…

…Bulletin Inserts & Posters

Colorado & Wyoming Volunteers:

First Time Attendees and volunteers needing to re-credential, fill out the full downloadable packet for your state and bring it to your training location. If you are current on your credentials and are coming to refresh or add units, fill out the Units Only packet. This will shorten your time at the registration desk.

DO NOT sign the bottom of the Personal/Medical Form !!!!
(you will sign a copy of it on each deployment at check-in)

Basic Information on Training as a CBDR Volunteer

  • Minimum Age: 18
  • An active attender of an SBC church in their state

  • Be credentialed every 3 years (see below)

  • Have a completed Personal/Medical Information packet on file at state office
  • Show proof of Health Insurance card at deployment

Online Preregistration Preferred-CREDIT CARD & PAY AT THE DOOR (see trainings list below)

Other ways to Preregister (ONLY CASH or CHECK AT THE DOOR)

  • Colorado Volunteers
    Contact Rhonda Nanney: or 720.372.7302
  • Wyoming Volunteers:
    Contact: or 307.472.4087

Weekend Schedule

For First Time & Re-credentialing

5:30-6:15PM Registration
Involving So. Baptists in DR

For Adding/Refreshing Units(Credentialed Only)
7:45-8:30AM Registration

For All Attendees
8:30-11:30AM Training Units
Lunch Provided
12:30-4:00PM Training Units

Trainings May Vary

Saturday Units
          Mass Feeding
          DAC (Disaster Relief Assistance)
          Assessment (must have attended Mud or Ash-Out Units first)
          Driving Requirements (CBDR vehicle/trailer)
          Chainsaw (work boots required)

  • First Time Attendees                                                                            $40
    Includes:   Background check (required)
    Friday Evening Involving So. Baptists in DR (required)
    At least 1 Unit on Saturday (required)
    First DR t-shirt, mesh hat & badge
  • Re-credentialing DR Volunteers (required every 3 years)                   $20
    Includes:  Background check (required)
    Friday Evening Involving So. Baptists in DR (required)
    At least 1 Unit on Saturday (required)
    Updated badge
  • Adding or Refreshing Units                                                                 $15
    (for credentialed volunteers who just want to add or refresh units)
  • SUVs (Spontaneous Unaffiliated Volunteers)                                      $30
    Includes:   Background check (required)
    Friday Evening Involving So. Baptists in DR (required)
    At least 1 Unit on Saturday (required)
    (SUVs do not receive credentialing but will be able to work on certain deployments
    under the supervision of a SBDR team lead.)

Colorado Baptist Disaster Relief, 7393 S. Alton Way Centennial, CO 80112-2302  720.372.7302

Dennis Belz–State Director                                         Rhonda Nanney – Ministry Assistant

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