Colorado Baptist Disaster Relief is Christian love in action.

It is meeting the urgent needs of hurting humanity in crisis situations with loving care and a timely response as James 2:15-16 instructs us to do.

Our Ministry: The Colorado Baptist Disaster Relief ministries are comprised of approximately 450 volunteers from all over the state who are committed to sharing the hope of Jesus with those whose lives have been impacted by disasters.

Our specialized areas of ministry include: chainsaw, flood recovery/mud out, ash out, food preparation, chaplaincy, shower unit, and communication unit.

  We exist to serve others in the name of Jesus Christ in times of disaster.


Attention: Great news for all DR Volunteers! Effective immediately we have a new lower fee structure. See the schedule below.

SBDR Volunteers must be:

  • Minimum Age: 18
  • An active attender of an SBC church in their state
  • Be credentialed every 3 years (see below)
  • Have a completed Personal/Medical Information packet on file at state office
  • Show proof of Health Insurance card at deployment


DR Volunteers: New Lower Fees

First Time Attendees                                                                     $40
Includes:   Background check (required)
Friday Evening Involving So. Baptists in DR (required)
At least 1 Unit on Saturday (required)
First DR t-shirt, mesh hat & badge

Re-credentialing DR Volunteers (required every 3 years)       $20
Includes:  Background check (required)
Friday Evening Involving So. Baptists in DR (required)
At least 1 Unit on Saturday (required)
Updated badge

Adding or Refreshing Units                                                          $15
(for credentialed volunteers that just want to add or refresh units)

SUVs (Spontaneous Unaffiliated Volunteers)                            $30
Includes:   Background check (required)
Friday Evening Involving So. Baptists in DR (required)
At least 1 Unit on Saturday (required)
(SUVs do not receive credentialing but will be able to work on certain deployments
under the supervision of a SBDR team lead.)


Weekend Schedule 
For First Time & Re-credentialing

Involving So. Baptists in DR
For Adding/Refreshing Units(Credentialed Only)
For All Attendees
8:30-11:30AM Training Units
Lunch Provided
12:30-4:00PM Training Units
Complete List of Training Units Offered
          (Trainings may vary)
Half-day Units-Saturday  (morning & afternoon)
          Fire Ash-Out
          DAC/Chaplaincy 101
All-day Units-Saturday
          Driving Requirements (CBDR vehicle/trailer)
          Chainsaw (boots required)

Online Preregistration Preferred-CREDIT CARD & PAY AT THE DOOR (see Church list below)

Other ways to Preregister (ONLY CASH or CHECK AT THE DOOR)

  • Colorado Volunteers
    Contact Rhonda Nanney: or 303.771.2480 x250
  • Wyoming Volunteers:
    Contact Cyndi Evans: evans@wyomingsbc.orgor 307.472.4087


                      In Colorado                                               In Wyoming

July 8-9, 2016

Disaster Relief Chaplain Training

Open to all ministers, chaplains and laity.


Saturday 8:30-4:30

at Colorado Baptists Building

7393 S Alton Way

Centennial, CO 80112

Cost: $45 (includes light lunch & manual)

More information:

303-771-2480 (Jan)

Please register by July 1.

Register Here


Hillside Baptist ChurchJuly 15-16
2436 9th Ave., Greeley, CO

See Training Units Offered by
(Subject to Change)

Preregistration-GreeleY, Online

August 5-6

Hilltop Baptist Church
405 Faith Dr., Green River

See Training Units Offered by
(Subject to Change)

 October 21-22

Westside Baptist Church
604 W. 10th St., Gillette
                                                                                SeeTraining Units Offered by

(Subject to Change)


Colorado & Wyoming Volunteers:
First Time Attendees and volunteers needing to re-credential, fill out the full downloadable packet for your state and bring it to your training location. If you are current on your credentials and are coming to refresh or add units, fill out the Units Only packet. This will shorten your time at the registration desk.

(Not for Chaplain Trainings) 


Church Resources

Churches Remember!
Disaster Relief Appreciation Day for Southern Baptists is November 6
Prayerfully consider adding this as an offering
emphasis in your church.

Partner with us to bring Help, Healing and Hope to those affected by disaster, in your neighborhood, our state, nation and the world. To make donations anytime of the year send your check payable to CBGC to Colorado Baptist General Convention, 7393 S. Alton Way, Centennial, CO 80112 and memo: Disaster Relief.

Wyoming Disaster Relief Partnership

On October 23-24, our first Disaster Relief Partnership Training was conducted at the WYSBC office in Casper, WY. Excitement filled the room as 41 WYDR volunteers arrived in the conference room early on Friday evening!

The following trainings were led by our CBDR leadership:

  • Involving Southern Baptist in Disaster Relief
  • Assessment
  • DAC (Disaster Assistance Center)
  • Feeding/Mass Feeding
  • Recovery – Mud-out/Ash-out
  • Shower/Laundry Unit

When this training was scheduled months ago, little did any of us know that there would be an immediate need for the new WYDR team to deploy and serve with CO, UT/ID as recovery efforts were needed for the Cole Creek Fires in Evansville.  Many of the new WY Volunteers began serving just a few days later as the training they received was put into action.  We had people getting ‘OJT” in Assessments of properties (to explain what we as SBDR teams could do to help the property owners). Several worked in the Recovery efforts doing Ash-Out and getting down and dirty! One couple brought their heavy equipment to use in making the cleanup much easier and faster. While all this was happening outside on the job sites, others assisted by answering the phones and taking in new job orders. And of course we cannot forget those who were making fantastic meals for the volunteers.  The new WYDR team had a total of 15 volunteers that came out during this deployment. Many others had planned on being there, but emergencies arose. There will be more opportunities to serve, not only in Wyoming, but across our country as responses are needed.

What is one of the biggest news events in Wyoming and SBDR today?  It is that Wyoming now has an active Disaster Relief Organization!  Colorado Disaster Relief is so pleased with the preparation that WYSBC staff have done, starting with openness to a Partnership between the two states and then having such a large and exciting group of volunteers that are willing and ready to BRING: Help, Healing and Hope where ever needed. Plans are already on the way for at least 3 more trainings throughout Wyoming during 2016.

The day after the training was over, I was asked to take a tour of the burn area in Evansville, WY (Just outside of Casper). The State ARC (American Red Cross) and County Emergency Manager drove me through the area and we saw the burned out remains of 14 homes that were totally destroyed. To many this was not a large disaster, but as I looked at it, I could see those who survived and lost all they had. To them it was a major disaster! Within two days, Colorado Baptist had a team of 6 that deployed to Casper and set up a Command Center at College Heights Baptist Church in Casper. They opened all their facilities for us as we prepared the way for the recovery efforts. Our CBDR team along with some new WYDR volunteers went right to work to get our command center set up and operational.  Others of the teams began doing assessments with the property owners. I was so proud of how our teams ministered together to those in need showing compassion and praying with them.

The Lord was working in the hearts of others: What a blessing it was for me to meet with a local Construction Company that was open to hear my request for use of heavy equipment. Upon arrival the owner passed me a paper listing all the equipment they had and said “whatever you need is yours to use at no cost!”  They transported several pieces of equipment to each job site, supplied the diesel fuel and even came out a couple of days to work with us. Did I tell you that this was brand new equipment?  Wayne Coleman Construction is a strong Christian Family business and what a joy it was to meet them and spend many hours with them. When the county had problems getting dumpsters out to us. This company brought out a semi-side dump trailer to fill and haul the ash and debris to the dump. This was such a blessing. If you wanted to see some excited people, you should seen the UT/ID team that arrived wondering if we might have at least one piece of heavy equipment for these jobs. UT/ID Disaster Relief sent 5 heavy equipment operators to assist with the ash-out and cleanup and they sure did a fantastic job. If it weren’t for the heavy equipment and these teams, we would probably still be there emptying 5 gallon buckets one at a time! Here is a report of what was accomplished…

Cole Creek Fire Recovery Report

Evansville, WY

October 27 – November 8, 2015

Jobs Requested:  12
Jobs Completed: 12

  • CO -6
  • WY – 15
  • UT/ID – 11

Volunteer Days:  136
Volunteer Hours: 1096
Heavy Equipment Hours: – 106.5
Value of Volunteer Hours: $21,920.00

Types of work completed:

  • Command Unit
  • Assessments
  • Ash-Out and Debris Removal
  • Heavy Equipment Operations

The Lord surely blessed us beyond our expectation during this deployment, not only with the equipment, housing, volunteers, but also the supplies and food to feed our volunteers on a daily basis. The community had such a kind spirit of cooperation and thankfulness. Please continue to pray for those that lost their homes and belongings and those that lost livestock and pets.

2016 is going to be a very busy and productive year in CBDR 

We now have 9 CBDR request for training events this year which includes 3 in Wyoming. These are exciting days and I look forward to serving together as we train and deploy in the coming year.

by Dennis Belz, State Director-CBDR


WY AshOut 10_2015




What is a READY CHURCH?Ready Church logo

   Colorado has had constant disasters for over the past 3 years with fires, floods and tornadoes. Disasters can happen anywhere and at any time, they can be large or small. How can your church prepare, connect and respond? What are some daily mission opportunities that await you and your church right in your local community?


Churches interested in hosting a CBDR Training:

Contact Us

or call Rhonda at 303.771.2480 x250




For CBDR Trainings: new volunteers and those needing to re-credential, fill out the complete downloadable packet and bring to your training location. If you are current on your credentials and are coming to refresh or add units, just fill out the first 3 pages of the packet. This will shorten your time at the registration desk.

 (Not for Chaplain Trainings) 




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