Submitted by Pastor Justin Brown

This year at Harvest Baptist Church, Ovid we were blessed to receive funding for many different evangelistic events through our partnership with Colorado Baptist Convention and the Great Commission Baptist Association. This is made possible through different mission offerings, cooperative program giving, and associational giving. On behalf of Harvest Baptist Church and the people of Sedgwick County Co, We thank you!

Though we look at this ministry life as we are always on mission and be evangelistic in all things, this summer we were able to use the finances provided to have a bigger witness in our area. Some of the things we were able to do through this partnership are as follows:

Fishers of Men—at a small lake in Julesburg we held a fishing contest and BBQ for the patrons in conjunction with our Sunday service that we held at the same lake.  We had a good response and a great time of fellowship as we fished and ate. Prizes were handed out for the biggest fish, most fish and smallest fish and we had categories for men, women and children. It was well attended with around 40 people joining in.

Attending Fair, Festivals and Parades—throughout the summer, we as a church had opportunities to take part in the Sedgwick county fair in Julesburg and the Harvest Days in Sedgwick.  We had a float in both parades, handed out popsicles, candy, and gospel bracelets (a band with scripture and colors that represent the gospel along with church information). We handed out over 400 of these bracelets in the communities.  At the Fair we had a booth with information about who we are and the events coming up as well as a raffle for $50 worth of groceries and a survey of people interested in a bible study.  This was the first time in the history of the church that we were in the communities like this and we have seen a wonderful response.  A number of people have commented or visited because of these events specifically!

Agriculture Appreciation Night—we at Harvest Baptist Church appreciate and understand the work of the farmer in our area. It has been a tough couple years for our farmers and we see them as an unreached people group. We hosted a Dinner with some help from First Baptist Church in Elk City OK, just to say that we love the people and appreciate them, and had a time of witnessing, fellowship and prayer! We handed out a few prizes to the men and women of agriculture.

Movie Night in the Park—we hosted a time of fellowship, cotton candy, popcorn and a bounce house as we showed the movie Facing the Giants in the park at Julesburg.  This event was well attended and we came away with a number of new contacts and the beginnings of new relationships.

harvest-pig-roastHog Roast & Back-to-School Bash—this event was very much advertised            and bathed in prayer! Let it be said that people will travel for good BBQ! We hosted a hog roast with all the fix’ns, and it was standing room only! The line out of the church went half way down the block. Even the owner of the restaurant across the street came over to fellowship.  The gospel was presented and many of us had the opportunity to pray with people about their situations. During the end the meal we as a church were able to hand out 46 backpacks to school children full of supplies for the upcoming year. We also handed out some great prizes to those that registered.  The people are still talking about this, and we have seen it start to bear fruit.

Justin Herod Concert—Justin Herod is a Country singer/songwriter who happens to be a dear friend and mentor. He came out and spent a few days with us as a church and also put on a great concert on Friday night. As Justin presented the Gospel, we had a number come forward for prayer, and 2 conversions that night!  Justin is also known as a men’s event speaker, so we hosted a men’s retreat/ breakfast and had a time of prayer, bible study, fellowship and shooting.  We had a number of men from outside the church join us.

harvest-trap-shootTrap Shoot—In Early October we hosted a wonderful time of trap shooting and gun safety. We had a large number of people attend as we taught a short class on gun safety and then commenced to the actual shooting event. It was a great thing to see so many people that don’t come to church wanting to be a part of it. We are still following up with those that attended but it was very well received.


Halloween Outreach—we as a church will be handing out cotton candy, popcorn, hot chocolate gospel tracts and church information in the town of Julesburg on Halloween.  We have a central location in the town where we will set up and anticipate many opportunities to build relationships and present the Gospel! We will be prayer walking the area again the day before the event.

Thanksgiving Dinner—Harvest will be hosting a thanksgiving dinner at the church for our community.

Family Fun Nights—this is an event we have been holding at the church once a month.  It is time of fellowship and fun, an alternative to the bars and the normal things to do on the weekend.

In summary, the events thus far this year have been a success! Relationships have been built and repaired, the Gospel message shared, hearts surrendered to Christ, and the discipleship process has begun.

As I sit and type this tonight, the eve of 2 more people coming forward to be part of the church on their profession of faith, I reflect on how some of these events had a part in bringing this mother and son to Harvest Baptist. We currently have 11 people in a discipleship program, with another young mother just starting with Jessica (my wife) last Monday. We have seen people come back to the church and some for the first time and we have seen four baptisms all directly related to this outreach campaign. We know that this is only made possible by the hand of our Lord as we bear fruit (John 15:5), but He has used the people that give, the cooperative program, help from the state missions offering and Associational and Convention Churches to make this possible. Let it be known that Jesus is shedding a light on the Eastern Plains of Colorado, and Hope is alive at Harvest Baptist!