DENTON, TX (BP) — Southern Baptist Disaster Relief leaders throughout North America met for their annual “Roundtable” and to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of SBDR.

Representatives from nearly all state Baptist conventions participated in the Jan. 23-27 event at Camp Copass in Denton, TX. The week focused on celebrating five decades of ministry efforts, looking at the present state of DR and preparing for the future. READ MORE

Dennis Belz, State Director for Colorado Baptist Disaster Relief, received the Region 5 Distinguished Service Award at this event.

He was nominated by Mark Edlund, Colorado Baptist Executive Director who wrote:
“Since coming on staff as very part-time, Dennis has worked tirelessly, not only to more fully develop Colorado Baptist Disaster Relief (CBDR) but has also been a big part of the growing cohesiveness of the SBDR Region 5” (which includes 8 states).

Even though CBDR is a relatively small DR state Dennis has mentored the Wyoming Southern Baptist Convention staff to begin re-building their Wyoming Disaster Relief (WYDR). Creating a partnership between CBDR and WYDR in the midst of a very disaster-filled 5 years in Colorado.

He goes steps further in being on the SBDR Steering Committee and the Co-Chair for the COVOAD (Colorado Volunteers Active in Disasters). He has worked to bring both SBDR and CBDR to the awareness of Colorado government agencies and emergency response groups, i.e. VOAD to further Colorado Baptists’ ability to reach Colorado communities, affected by disaster, for Jesus.

If that is not enough he often leads deployment teams to serve in other states. Dennis is a strong supporter of DR states working together, that teams going to other states are to defer to the affected state’s DR leadership, policies and procedures.

Dennis has facilitated the acquisition of the first NAMB full sized feeding trailer and will be coordinating its use from its home base in Colorado to disasters throughout the US.

Rhonda Nanney, Colorado Baptist Ministry Assistant writes:
“Dennis is always patient and kind in his dealing with CBDR Volunteers and Leadership, those he comes in contact outside of CBDR whether on deployment or in meeting with emergency agencies. He has a heart attitude that he and CBDR will serve those affected by disaster, no matter their life situation, as Jesus would serve them.”

Jan Loser, Colorado Baptists Ministry Assistant and CBDR Chaplain writes:
“Dennis is compassionate and an example of Christ in Crisis with his team. He would never ask the team to do a task that he is not willing to do. He serves, instructs and leads by the Fruit of the Spirit… Love, joy, peace, patience kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self–control. He works with the homeowner; and the disenfranchised with great empathy and with great integrity.”

For more information on getting involved in Disaster Relief through Colorado Baptists go to our WEBSITE.