Dear Colorado Baptist Churches,

Our Colorado Baptist Disaster Relief Team will deploying to assist with the Flood clean up in Louisiana and we could use your help!

Do you have adults, missions or collegiate groups that would be interesting to come along and assist in Bringing: Help, Hope and Healing to those in need? We would like to see what kind of a response we get from our churches and set up some rotating teams from Colorado that could assist.

Some possible deployment dates:

September 30 – October 7th                                                                            

October 7th -14th

October 14th – 21st

If you have an interest, please contact the CBGC office 303-771-2480 ext. 250 and share what dates you may be available. You may also email Dennis Belz, our Colorado Baptist Disaster Relief – State Director dbelz@coloradobaptists.org

To learn more about Colorado Baptist Disaster Relief and to download the forms you will need for deployment, please go to www.coloradodr.org.

Thousands of people have lost all their belongings, over 50 churches have been flooded and the list goes on. They need us to come to assist them. Please pray about being a part of one of these teams that deploys in the coming days! What a great mission trip this would be for any church.