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    Stewardship Resources

    I serve on the Adviosry Team of “Stewardship Direct,” which works with the Southern Baptist Convention in the area of Stewardship. I have some resources I would like to tell you about. If you would like to peruse them or place an order, please give me a call.

    Great Commission Advance  This little booklet is a 2014 Missionary Moments Prayer Guide. There is a guide for each of the 52 Sundays in 2014 with a morning and evening thought and a scripture passage at the bottom of the page:

              Give: Bring Praise to God                            II Corinthians 9:13

             Give: Share the Good News                         III John 6-8

             Give: Bring the Whole Portion (Tithe)           Malachi 3:8,10

             Give: How to Tithe the Bible Way                 I Corinthians 16:2

    These can be used in any order. There are posters to use in your church.

    Impact Series (a Stewardship Campaign) This four-week series has been put together by Dr. Ken Hemphill. The emphasis is:

    Impact: as Stewards of Kingdom Power

    Impact: as Stewards of Kingdom Progress

    Impact: as Stewards of Kingdom Promise

    Impact: as Stewards of Kingdom Process

    This series zeros in on the life of Joseph and how he was a steward of God in all the times of his life, even the difficult times.

    Time Series (Four Pamphlets that deal with the Cooperative Program)  This series talks about the Cooperative Program in four distinct ways.

    Time to Reconnect

    Time to Retrench

    Time to Recommit

    Time to Rebirth

    Life Series (Four Weeks to deal with Life and the Struggles We Face)  The topics that are discussed in these pamphlets include:

    Strength to Face Life                                       Mark 5:25-34

    Faithfulness through the Life’s Storms            Mark 4:41

    Confidence through Life’s Difficulties              Mark 5:21-24, 35-43

    Focus to Experience Life                                 Mark 8:22-26

    If you would like to receive a sample of any of these series, please let me know. I have a small supply that I will be glad to share. You can reach me at 888-771-2480 ext. 224.

    Doug Lohrey

    Associate Executive Director/CFO


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