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    Lives changed by God at SUMMIT Student Camp

    Lives changed by God at SUMMIT Student Camp

    by Karen Peck

    SUMMITStudentCampsmallSummit Student Camp provides 7th – 12th graders the time of their lives while they learn more about the message of Jesus Christ.  Camp removed the distractions of home and focused the students on Jesus with 5 days of worship, Bible study and group-building recreation.

    During our two Summit Camps this year, church groups went from toe-to-toe as fierce rivals to shoulder-to-shoulder rockin’ to the live band! With exciting lights and a chest-thumpin’ sound system, they felt the beat as Cody Dunbar Band led us all in worship every morning and night.  One comment made by a sponsor was, “It was amazing – so powerful and moving!”

    Mike Keahbone’s teaching was life changing!  It was biblical and very practical and will produce growth in the students.  He is a great story teller, and he even taught us a rap song/dance called “The Dump” (after the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme) which was a blast and no one will ever forget.  Comments made were: “Very, very good and right on!” “He had a great connection with the kids.”  “His teaching was right from God.  He confirmed what we have been teaching in Youth Group!”  A common theme in both weeks amongst the students was a need for reassurance of their salvation, and that their sins were forgiven.

    Between the two camps, there were over 50 decisions to follow Christ and many students recommitted their lives to the Lord.  During the morning sessions, Mike taught practical applications and students committed to read their bibles more each day and spend more time praying.  We received some great testimonies from a few of the sponsors and it was so exciting to hear how God was moving.

    “One of our students accepted the Lord this week.  She comes from a pretty terrible and unsaved home life, so she was afraid to tell anyone about the decision she had made. She knew it would not be accepted well at home, so she decided to keep the news to herself.  We just loved on her and encouraged her all week, and on the last day everyone who accepted the Lord was given the chance to ring the big bell outside the Dining Hall. Well, to our surprise, this student stepped forward and rang the bell, telling EVERYONE about her decision to follow God. No more wanting to hide her decision.  What an answer to prayer! “– Camp Sponsor

    “A student that came to camp with us accepted the Lord at the beginning of the year.  But since then, every time there was an alter call this student would respond over and over again.  When he responded to the alter call at camp, I explained to him that once you have accepted Christ into your heart He is there to stay, and you don’t have to keep asking Him. He looked at me with a face full of shame and told me that with all the awful things he had done he felt unworthy of God’s love.  I put my hands on his face and told him, “Son I love you, God loves you, you are loved! You have asked God into your heart, now all you have to do is ask His forgiveness and He will forgive you.  He will never leave you nor forsake you, He is with you to stay.”  As I watched, all the shame went out of this boy’s face and instead his face was filled with utter relief and then joy.  It was an awesome thing to see!” – Youth Pastor

    A camper had a great testimony also. “The first night, I was worried, scared, and homesick; but after the second night it was the most fun camp I had ever been to! My sponsors would pray with me and the Ponderosa staff would make sure it was the most fun camp ever! They always try to notice you. THANK YOU Ponderosa! Thanks for always noticing me.” – Camper

    If you would like your students to have this same life changing experience the dates of Summit Student Camp for 2015 are Week 1:  June 29 – July 3 and Week 2: July 20 – 24.  We also have a Winter Camp in January: Jan 16 – 18.

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