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    Heads-Up! Transitional church comes to life!

    Heads-Up! Transitional church comes to life!

    On June 22, 2014, Dolores Southern Baptist Church had a picnic at Narraguinnep Lake.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere were 35 people there and many of them were ready to get wet in the lake.  Sounds like a normal picnic at the lake, doesn’t it?  Well, it wasn’t.  Here’s what led up to the picnic…

    In November, 2013, Dolores Southern Baptist Church became pastorless.  They needed someone to preach for them on Sundays so they talked to Church Planting Catalyst James Vaughn.  James agreed to supply preach for three Sundays and also talked to the church leadership about the “Transitional Pastor” process.  The church agreed that this was needed and Steve Hoekstra, State Director of Missions for Western Colorado was contacted to see who might be available.  No transitional pastors were available in that part of the state.

    Steve suggested to James that he should consider being the transitional pastor and the church agreed and called James to that position.  James and the small group of eight church members began to focus on the community once again and people started responding to God’s love that was being demonstrated by the church.

    The first to be saved was a Native American lady who worked with one of the church members. Another member began discipling her immediately. Several weeks later a lady came up to the pastor before the worship service and said that there were two people that were going to get saved that day. “Just a heads up” she said. A couple of weeks later someone else came up to the pastor just before the service and said, “Just a heads up but…(this person and that person) are going to be saved today.”  That started a landslide of people coming to Christ almost weekly.

    One lady in the community volunteered to organize the Easter Egg Hunt for after church on Easter.  She came to church that Sunday and two weeks later there was another “heads up” before church and she invited Christ into her life, soon to be followed a couple of weeks later by her daughter.

    There were ten professions of faith and then came Vacation Bible School! By the end of VBS week, there were eight additional souls added to the Kingdom.  Beth Benavidez, VBS Director, said, “We have had bigger Bible Schools but none that has had an impact like this one.”

    Now, back to the lake…a lot of people were ready to get in the lake.  They weren’t there to go swimming.  They were there to be baptized.  Ten new converts were baptized in the lake to show what God had done in their lives.  James got to baptize a dad, Luke,  and then together they baptized Luke’s daughter, Piper.  Another dad, Mike Smith, baptized his daughter, Chandler, and his foster son, James.

    As one of the members said after church one Sunday, “Look what God has done!”

    As the church continues the transitional process, they will be selecting a Pastor Search Committee on July 13th.  Please pray for this church, the new believers, the pastor search committee, the man God is preparing to come as pastor,  and the community of Dolores, Colorado.  Pray for James Vaughn as he serves God as Transitional Pastor of Dolores Southern Baptist Church, along with his other responsibilities as Church Planting Catalyst.

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