• Games, Skits, & Forgiveness at Summit Winter Camp

    By Karen Peck

    Students at Summit Winter Camp heard that their lives don’t have to be defined by their past, weaknesses, insecurities, or failures.  Speaker, Tom Coffan, preached from the book of John.

    “I tell you, her sins – and they are many – have been forgiven, so she has shown Me much love. But a person who is forgiven little shows only little love.” (John 7:47) “Have you been forgiven ‘little’ or ‘much?”, was the question posed to students.

    Tom even included a hilarious skit in his preaching while at the same time challenging youth and staff to connect with God on a deeper level.

    Students enjoyed glow-in-the-dark dodge ball that included glow-in-the-dark glasses, face paint and T-shirts.  They caught some air on the tubing hill and enjoyed other snow activities, building relationships, reinforcing truth, and challenging one another to grow their own relationship with Jesus.

    In the evenings, youth groups spent meaningful, personal prayer time around the fire.  They were instructed to find an object that represented the thing that takes them away from their relationship with Jesus and throw it into the fire.  By doing so, they were letting that sin go and recommitting themselves to the Lord.

    One youth group that attended had just hired a new youth leader.  The group has been feeling a little disjointed.  On Saturday afternoon, I was speaking with a sponsor from the group.  She said that being together during “Church Time” had caused the students to open up to their new Youth Leader and the feeling of “family” had returned.  She was so excited!

    Thank you to all who prayed for us this weekend. It was a weekend that made an impact on many lives and we can’t wait for Summit Winter Camp 2015.

    For more information about Ponderosa and the summer camps they offer visit their website at www.visitponderosa.com.

    Karen Peck is the Administrative Assistant for Ponderosa

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