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    Creative Winter Outreach

    Creative Winter Outreach

    By Kaylee Looney

    What do you think of when you hear community outreach?  Block party, sports camps, fairs and festivals?  Those events can work great for churches looking to reach the community around them, but only if the weather is nice.  One Colorado church plant decided to get creative during this winter for a unique community outreach.

    CHURCH180 in Montrose, Colorado decided to rent out an indoor kid’s play center on Saturday, Jan. 25th for two hours in the evening.  The Mack’s Family Entertainment Center has bounce houses, a batting cage, and different games geared towards kids.

    Staff members and volunteers from CHURCH180 purchased an ad on Facebook and had around 12,000 views.  Volunteers also printed and distributed flyers all around town to let families know about the free event.

    “We had close to 20 volunteers in addition to the 4-5 staff members there” said Bryan Lark, Pastor of CHURCH180.  “Our volunteers were absolutely incredible! They were so awesome and got so excited to see so many people we got to reach.”

    At 5pm when the event started, a line had already formed outside that stretched all the way down the side and around the corner of the building.  Exactly 376 people came through the doors during the two-hour event.

    “I’m sure we could have had more if there wasn’t such a long line,” said Pastor Lark.  “Some people just drove by when they saw the line.”

    Contact information for each family attending the event was collected by volunteers.  Most importantly, every participant was asked if he/she was a regular participant of a local church.  Pastor Lark reports that around half claimed to not have a church home. CHURCH180 plans to follow-up with each family that attended starting first with those that claimed no church home.

    Each family received a CHURCH180 gift bag with a tract, contact card, a Looney Bean gift card, and a short note inviting them to attend the church or one of the life groups.

    The Sunday morning after the event, three households came to worship with CHURCH180. One visitor was a single man who didn’t actually come to the event.

    “I asked him how he heard about our church because he lived in Olathe,” said Pastor Lark. “He said, ‘A friend of mine that has kids went to the Mack’s outreach last night.  I thought that if there was a church that was doing this kind of stuff, I wanted to come and be a part of it today.”

    Needless to say, the congregation of CHURCH180 considers the event a huge success. “I pray that we can be a success at following up with people and not just having an event,” said Pastor Lark.

    This story is another example of your Cooperative Program dollars at work! Thanks for giving to the Cooperative Program.

    Kaylee Looney serves as Ministry Assistant to the Church Planting and Missions Team at Colorado Baptists.

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