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    Colorado Baptists Disaster Relief Has New Website

    Colorado Baptists Disaster Relief Has New Website

    DR_ColoradoThe Colorado Baptists Disaster Relief website is up and running at ColoradoDR.org      Please visit it often and pray for the work that is being done by ordinary people sharing the love of Christ by volunteering to help people in need.  Please pray for more volunteers to answer the call to help with disaster recovery.

    Disaster Relief is an active and ongoing ministry in Colorado and throughout the United States and the world. When a disaster first hits, volunteers want to take immediate action and help out any way they can.  Many times, the relief efforts can’t begin until well after the onslaught of the disaster.  Long after the reporters have left the scene and various other volunteer groups have gone back home, Colorado Baptist and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief teams are still focused and committed to helping those who are still trying to recover from the disaster that has taken a toll on their lives and liveliehood.  More committed Christians are needed to help these people recover from the helpless and many times hopeless situations they are facing.  It’s an opportunity to say, when asked, “I’m doing this because God loves you and this is how he wants me to share his love with you.”

    The damage was vast in Northern Colorado with the floods and relief efforts were delayed due to limited access to the damage and winter setting in before clean-up could be done. Winter is over and access to damaged areas is now open and volunteers are needed to help with recovery and clean-up.  This is still a disaster and the need hasn’t lessened with the passage of time.  Thousands of homes were damaged. Flood waters also carried massive amounts of debris onto farmland. Now is the time for Southern Baptists to come to the aid of our neighbors in Northern Colorado and help clean up and repair the damage done to their homes and land.  It’s an overwhelming task but each person who volunteers makes an impact in this clean-up effort.  Whether you volunteer for one weekend or one week or multiple weekends, your help will make a difference in the amount of work that needs to be done.

    If you want to volunteer to help with relief efforts in Northern Colorado, then Contact Us


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