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    Colorado Baptists 59th Annual Meeting – October 13-14, 2014  *Schedule is Different from Years Past!

    Colorado Baptists 59th Annual Meeting – October 13-14, 2014 *Schedule is Different from Years Past!


    Join us October 13-14, 2014 at Community of Grace Church, Centennial.  Pastors Conference starts earlier on Monday and Colorado Baptists Annual Meeting starts MONDAY evening.


    Monday, October 13

    2:00 p.m.Pastors’ Conference *Note time change from previous post

    Worship: Tracy Simmons

    Speaker: Sing Oldham

    5:00 p.m. – Registration/Messenger Check-in for Annual Meeting


    Worship: Tracy Simmons

    Speaker: Jason Allen

    Tuesday, October 14

    7:30 a.m. – Registration/Messenger Check-in for Annual Meeting (continued)


    Worship: Tracy Simmons

    Speaker: Joel Bundick

    Lunch/Dinner & afternoon break (various groups will host luncheons and dinners during this time)

    6:00 p.m. – Registration/Messenger Check-in for Annual Meeting (continued)


    Worship: Tracy Simmons

    Speaker: Jason Allen

    The 59th annual meeting of Colorado Baptists will adjourn at the close of the third session.


    Each year in October, Colorado Baptists gather from all over the state to renew old friendships and make new ones, share what is happening in their churches and communities, hear some great messages, welcome new churches into the Convention, pray and praise together, take care of the business aspects of the Convention and generally have a great time of fellowship.

    This “get-together” is held each year at a different location, church or convention center, large enough to host this group of friends and fellow laborers for Christ known as Colorado Baptists. We’ve met in places like Vail, Montrose, Estes Park, Grand Junction, Denver, Colorado Springs… This year Community of Grace in Centennial, CO, will welcome and host us on October 13-14.

    All Colorado Baptist churches and church plants are invited to attend.  Our Convention is made up of churches who have chosen to partner together as a Convention of churches to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout our state and beyond.  Affiliated churches are those who have, at some time in the past, constituted as a church and requested affiliation with the Convention of affiliated churches known as the Colorado Baptist General Convention or “Colorado Baptists” and were voted into the Convention at a Colorado Baptists Annual Meeting.  Churches that have constituted in the past year or previously constituted churches seeking affiiation with their local association of churches and affiliation with Colorado Baptists Convention of churches may contact their association leadership to obtain information on church affiliation. Affiliating with an association and the Colorado Baptists Convention are two separate processes but association affiliation should precede Convention affiliation.

    Cooperating Colorado Baptist convention churches may send “messengers” and guests to the annual meeting.  Messengers are members of the church who will participate in the Convention business sessions during the annual meeting and vote on recommendations.  Typical recommendations are for election of Convention officers, Budgets for the upcoming year for the Convention, Foundation and Ponderosa, board and committee members to serve upcoming terms, credentialing of churches seeking affiliation with the Convention,  and other items of business that are presented.  Messenger cards will be emailed and mailed to churches by Friday, October 3, 2015.

    Here’s the ratio for messengers from a church.  Affiliated churches, and those being presented for affiliation at this year’s meeting, may select members from their church to serve as messengers, based on the number of members you have in your church (reported on your ACP survey) and if you’ve contributed regularly to the Cooperative Program during the year.


    up to 75 members = 2 messengers

    75-124 members = 3 messengers

    125-174 members = 4 messengers

    175-224 members = 5 messengers

    225-274 members = 6 messengers

    275-324 members = 7 messengers

    325-374 members = 8 messengers

    375-424 members = 9 messengers

    425 or more members = 10 messengers

    Cooperating church- The affiliated church is in sympathy with the purpose of the Convention and regularly contributes to the Cooperative Program and participates in the support of the work of the Convention.  (See Article III – Membership of the Constitution).


    Hotel accommodations: The hotel being used by the Convention is The Radisson, 3155 S Vaughn Way, Aurora, CO 80014.  The cost is $95 per night.  Group code: 1410colo  Registration deadline is Friday, September 30, 2014.  800-967-9033

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