I’ve been in Colorado since 1996.  We moved to Colorado to plant churches in the eastern plains.  In 2001, I became the DOM/Church Planting Strategist for the Arkansas Valley Association.  For the last 5 years I have been the Church Planting Catalyst for all of eastern Colorado.  Over the years the title has changed several times, but the focus has remained on planting churches.


Currently, serving as Lead Church Planting Catalyst for Colorado Baptists.  In this role, I oversee the church planting system for Colorado, and continue to focus on efforts to plant churches in eastern Colorado.  I’m excited to be able to serve our state and lead in church planting.  I am also excited to be able to continue working in eastern Colorado to plant new churches.


Church planting is the main strategy we have for taking the Gospel into unreached communities.  We have many cities, towns, zip codes and neighborhoods that have no Gospel presence.  Church planting is the opportunity to advance the Kingdom in those places.


Colorado is a very diverse place.  We have the opportunity to take the Gospel to the nations right here in Colorado. A very exciting aspect of church planting is seeing people from many different nations hearing the Gospel in their language.


We have a great team of Church Planting Catalysts in Colorado.  Each one has a passion for planting new churches in new places.  But we need our churches to get involved.  We need churches that will support planting by praying for and participating with planters.  We need churches that will send out church planters to the place they are called to go.  And we need churches that will multiply themselves by training up new leaders to be sent out into the harvest fields of Colorado.



Frank Cornelius

Lead Church Planting Catalyst (SDOM)

Colorado Baptist General Convention