So those who accepted his message were baptized, and that day about 3,000 people were added to them. Acts 2:41

Each year Southern Baptist Churches compile historical information and enter this information into a national database known, in past years, as the Southern Baptist Directory Service.  LifeWay Christian Resources was tasked by the Southern Baptist Convention to develop and maintain this service.

When I arrived at the Colorado Baptists’ office in 1997, this system had progressed to gathering the information on floppy drives.  Remember those???? Around the turn of the century, the SBDS online system was developed and has been used until now. Technology goes forward and this year, a new system called SBCWorkspace has been developed for the online capture of church historical information and leadership information management.

Each Southern Baptist Church has its own specific SBC ID. This ID, along with a password, allows each church to provide an annual report of specific activity of the church for a specified reporting period.  Since most of the associational annual meetings and the Colorado Baptists annual meeting occur in September-November, the reporting period we use is July 1st of the previous year through June 30th of the current year.  Normally, the ACP forms should arrive at each Colorado Southern Baptist church by mid to late July.  We hope next year is back to “normal”

Since there were a lot of issues with the new system, we are just now getting the printed forms which contain the user ID and code, survey worksheet and instructions for you to enter your ACP information. We ask that as soon as you receive your printed forms that you complete the ACP survey and update your leadership information as quickly as possible.  If you have last year’s survey forms, you can go ahead and use the survey questions on that form to gather your information from the reporting year July 1, 2015-June 30, 2016 and be ready to enter the information online.  If you already know your user ID and password, you don’t have to wait to receive any printed forms.  Just proceed to and follow the process for entering your ACP survey and leadership update.  It is quite different so if you have questions, please contact Ginger at the CBGC office by phone or email.

The ACP is a useful and vital tool for your church, your association, Colorado Baptists state office, SBC and its entities.

It provides an easily accessible history of your church, by year

It provides LifeWay with information that is used in developing and printing resources

It provides your information for the association, state and national office to gather and compile information and statistics of all churches on each of these levels. Knowing how many members, regular attendance, and baptisms, along with other important information, is important on all levels.

It provides your church with the ability to operate under the tax exempt 501c3 of the Convention instead of your church having to obtain its own 501c3.

It provides your church with a historical tool should your church records ever be destroyed (fire, flood, tornado…)  We have seen all of these scenarios and in many instances, the historical information on the SBDS/now SBCWorkspace system was enough for the churches to provide to insurance companies and the various recovery systems to quickly get them the resources needed to rebuild and recover from the incident.  Churches that had not provided their annual church profile had to search for ways to gather all the information that had been destroyed, causing them much more work and long delays. Some churches just have a variety of people who maintain church records offsite and at times the records just get lost somewhere along the way.  Having a history of easily accessible information secured online is a great resource.

So…thank you for the ministry you provide in your community. Thank you for the missions work you do in and outside of your community. Thank you for partnering with your association, Colorado Baptists, SBC, IMB and NAMB. Partnering together we are able to multiply our efforts to reach the world for Christ.  Each of the numbers you report on your ACP survey represent some of the Kingdom impact we have on our world.  Thank you for updating your leadership information on an ongoing basis so that we have better records for contacting people and the ability to provide directories and information so you can connect with other churches and leadership.  THANK YOU!

If you have any questions, please contact Ginger LeBlanc at the Colorado Baptist General Convention.