Welcome to the “Send Denver” church planting partnership.  Locally, we call ourselves “Send Front Range” as our area extends north and south from Denver, up and down the “Interstate 25 corridor” bordered to the west by the magnifcant Rocky Mountains rising up out of the great plains.

This 150-mile long stretch of Colorado, from Ft. Collins down to Colorado Springs, contains 75% of all the people who live in our state!

I wish we could say “There’s a Baptist church on every corner” but honestly, there isn’t even a Baptist church in every zip code.  Even if we count the many other fine evangelical churches in our area, we are still sorely under-churched. This is a serious problem, and we as Great Commission Baptists are committed to do something about it. New churches reach people faster than existing churches, so with God’s help we intend to plant at least seventy-five new churches in the next three years.

A hundred years ago a famous newspaper editor wrote, “Go West, Young Man” and the pioneers came, by the tens of thousands.  Today we need church planters and church partners  to “Come West, Men and Women” and help us reach this region for Christ!

People here are surprisingly open to hear about Jesus — likely because no one has talked to them about Jesus in years. People come here because they want to be here, they love the outdoors and they a “higher plane” of life. You and I know that without Christ, there’s no higher plane in their future!

We need planters and we need partners. There’s plenty to do, so let’s get started.  Thank you for your interest in “Send Denver” and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

For more information regarding Send Front Range please contact our coalition coordinator Dave Howeth.