Written by Angela Ricks, Staff Member

Christian Challenge, Western State Colorado University

A Life Transformed

I have been meeting with a freshman girl.  She is an extremely quiet young lady, very unwilling to open up and share a lot about who she is and what her past has been like.  As I have interacted with her the past couple of months, I have found her to be negative and pessimistic.  Before moving to Gunnison to come to college, she lived with her grandmother.  Her dad has not been a part of her life ever, and her mom is in jail.  She has an older brother that “hates” her, and she is sure they will never talk again.  She shared with me that in middle school she had suicidal thoughts and cut herself (although she doesn’t any more).  She has obviously been searching for Truth, desperately wanting to find hope, joy, and happiness.

I invited her to get lunch with me one day.  She seemed reserved about it and even seemed like she was trying to avoid it, but she conceded and we went for a quick lunch at McDonald’s.  Amazingly, the conversation quickly turned to spiritual things.  After mentioning that she didn’t think she would ever be able to forgive her mother, I was able to share the forgiveness that Jesus Christ offers all people!  We discussed sin, Jesus’ death on the cross paying for our sins, and how to make Jesus Lord of her life.  As I shared, she was very attentive.  She actually looked me in the eyes…a rarity for this insecure young lady.  I asked her if she would like to become a Christian.  She said she did!  I re-explained the gospel and told her how to start her relationship with God.  Nina continued to understand everything I said.  She felt a little awkward praying in the lobby of McDonald’s, so we went out to my car.  It was there that she prayed and submitted to Jesus as Lord of her life!!!!  I was so excited I gave her a big hug (another thing she is not too comfortable with).  I read her some verses that talked about how she can have assurance of her salvation!  She is safe in the hand of God now!!!  I also challenged her to tell two people about her new found faith and to check her schedule for a time every week that we can meet for discipleship.