Feed My Sheep (FMS) Ministry in Glenwood Springs, CO has been a part of SBC’s Global Hunger Relief network for many years. Karen Peppers, the ministry director, along with her husband, Pastor of the FMS Church for the homeless, and FMS volunteers have been faithfully giving “a cup of cold water” to those in need in their community. Below is a look into how one Colorado Baptists ministry is effecting lives for Jesus.

Submitted by Karen Peppers, Director of Feed My Sheep Ministry

Feed My Sheep (FMS) Church for the homeless has been blessed with many new faces. My husband who is the pastor has been spending hours with one of our members trying to raise him up to become a teacher for our Church.  After much prayer Tony felt led to take on one Sunday.  The members of the Church all joined in reading bible verses out of 1 Samuel and having discussions and questions regarding what we read. You could feel the Holy Spirit during our study.  Tony has been teaching for the last five weeks and he has grown in the Word which he shares with all of us.

This season during our Overnight Program we have seen a huge increase in women, families and veterans. One of the families came to us two weeks before Christmas. They traveled from Delta to Glenwood not knowing where they were going or what was going to happen to them.

Their fourteen year old son, Patrick, is mentally challenged.  He hadn’t been enrolled in school for the last eight weeks. Since it was school break we felt like we should get him some help.  We located a retired teacher that had worked with children with learning disabilities. In just a few short weeks Patrick began coming out of his shell and he started interacting with his new found family at FMS.  Next step was to get him in school and to get him a medical checkup.  He has been a student at Glenwood Middle School for two weeks.  He stays in our Overnight Program gets up at 6 a.m. transports to the Day Center for a shower and off to school.  Patrick has made many friends and he is excited about his new life even if he is “homeless”.

This family like many others are struggling to survive.  They’ve gotten into a situation that spiraled on them and they couldn’t get out.  Through prayer and love this family has a home with us.  We are very thankful that God continues to bless FMS in so many ways.

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